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"The best epic saga of the prewar period"
Czesław Miłosz: History of Polish Literature

Nights And Days

Fleeing Carthage

The first eight chapters of Out of the Lion's Maw, absulutely free

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Fleeing Carthage 
The first eight chapters of a European best-selling series, un-put-down-able since 1946, now for the first time in English.

Imprisoned in Carthage, the confidential envoy of the king od Media -- an elderly Zoroastrian priest -- slips his jailers and rushes to his next destination -- Egypt -- to fulfill his mission. He travels by way of Sicily and Greece, pursued by Carthaginian navy, her secret agents and assassins, all bent on stopping him.  All he has for defense is his guile and his teenage Greek apprentice.


The first 8 chapters (1/3, 116 pages) of the first volume of a best-selling historical adventure series. Fast tempo, laconic style, good humor and well researched historical setting have kept this a best-seller for over 70 years!


Come, see why people have been reading this for three generations.

The Author

Witold Makowiecki (1903-1946) was a classically educated Polish agricultural engineer. Under German occupation during World War II, he took up writing to entertain his family and friends. He is the author of popular adventure novels set in the ancient Mediterranean. Each book is a stand-alone volume, but the appearance of several characters connects them all. His books were published only after his death, but due to their superior literary quality, fast action and delightful humor, they have remained in print since their original publication in 1946, in Polish and several foreign languages. 


978-99987-916-0-2 (EPUB Edition)

978-99987-916-1-9 (MOBI Edition)

978-99987-916-2-6 (PDF Edition)

EBOOK:  $0.00
AVAILABLE 3/28/2022

139 pages


Translator and Co-Author

Tom Pinch

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