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Why Polish Literature?



Mondrala is a Luxembourg-based boutique publisher specializing in producing English translations of modern Polish literature.

Our mission is to bring you quality translations of beautifully written, wise, exciting, and insightful books with universal appeal.


Our books have stood the test of time and market discipline: they have remained bestsellers for decades, often internationally. Yet, for some institutional reason, they have not yet been published in English.

And we are here to correct that!


Why Polish Literature?

Polish Literature is as old and just as rich as French, German, or Russian but suffers from one huge handicap: the language barrier. Polish is arguably one of the most challenging languages to learn, meaning that the number of native English speakers who can translate from Polish into English is very small. 

Several Polish authors have made the effort to have their books translated and have made great success on the international scene. This includes not only the five Polish literature Nobelists but also authors like Stanislaw Lem (Solaris) or Ryszard Kapuscinski (The Shadow of the Sun), each selling millions of copies in English today, years after they have left us.

Did you enjoy those? Well, look in our catalog to find more books like these.

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