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The Ships of Minos hardcover set

The Ships of Minos hardcover set

When it first appeared in 1972, this breathtaking tale of the adventures of Minoan mariners traveling in search of amber up the river systems of Eastern Europe to reach the Sea of Gloom--the Baltic--took our part of the world by storm. This was our Odyssey and our Golden Fleece. Written in a beautiful, intentionally archaized language to convey the sense of epic, it became an instant best-seller and continues to sell well today. More importantly, it has creates a vast army of passionate fans who continue to engage with the franchise.

Millions of copies and thirteen languages later, archeological discoveries show us how prophetic the author's vision was: the greatest battle of Bronze Age was fought not at Kadesh, between Hittites and Egyptians, but in the Tollense Valley, in north Germany. At Zyndram's Castle, in Southern Poland the ruins of a Minoan castle testify that Cretans got at least that far as early as 1500 B.C. Absence of script and the prevalence of wood as building material have caused that ancient history to be largely lost but this epic, meticulously researched and richly imagined shows us what could have been.

As lifetime lovers of this epic, we have slaved over the translation, editing, and illustrations of this series to produce the most beautiful book we possibly could. Enrich your book collection with this gorgeous edition of this great classic!

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