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About Tom Pinch

How I got here

Wooden Hut

Tom was born and raised in Poland, but fate took him to faraway Tokyo at the age of sixteen. He learned the language and, in time, became a full-time Japanese-to-English translator and editor of scientific and corporate texts.

It was interesting work: he was paid to learn something new every day. One day, it might be the results of breakthrough medical research and the next an in-depth marketing report on ladies' stockings. It was well-paid work because specialised translators and editors are paid better than those who focus on literature. 

But the hours were long, deadlines were tight, and the need for constant face-to-face contact with clients required him to live in a big city. 

And there was zero recognition: literally, everything he has ever done remains a corporate secret today (including ladies' stockings).

And so, in the end, he was glad to kiss it all goodbye and set out to do something altogether new.

And here it is!

He now lives on a remote farm in Luxembourg and translates great books he has grown up with and loved  which he would like to share with his friends and the world. It is a labor of love. He focuses primarily on translating these well-loved books from Polish to English but his interests also include translating classic Japanese texts to English.

And that's how this publishing house was founded.

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