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Out of the Lion's Maw (EPUB)

Out of the Lion's Maw (EPUB)

A European best seller, in print continuously since 1946, now for the first time in English

They slip their jailors in Carthage and race across the Mediterranean to fulfill their mission, pursued by agents and assassins: an elderly Zoroastrian priest and his young teen apprentice.

Their mission: to prevent the break out of a civil war in Egypt. Their opponents: the entire state apparatus of Eternal Egypt. Their resources: the old man's wit and the young man's courage.

A classic tale of high adventure, full of white-knuckle twists and turns, engaging characters, and sparkling humor. This series has remained a best seller since 1946. Now finally translated into English and beautifully illustrated for your pleasure. If you liked The Treasure Island and The Three Musketeers, you will love this.

Come, join the fun!

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