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A Meeting in Oea, or, Concerning Plato

A Meeting in Oea, or, Concerning Plato

The quirkiest, zaniest, funniest book about Plato ever written by a scholar. Or anyone.

Meet Apuleius, Rome's all-time best-selling author (of The Golden Ass, no less!), a Platonic scholar, a part-time magician, and a dowry-hunter, as he works on his treatise on Plato at night and schemes to marry a rich African widow by day.

An overview of Plato's life and work as seen through the eyes of an engaging second-century AD Roman provincial, written in a lively, conversational style with occasional--but not too overwhelming--flashes of literary genius.

Aleksander Krawczuk's books on Greece and Rome have shaped three generations of antique lovers in Europe.

They have been huge best-sellers because of their unassuming style: reading him feels like taking part in a pleasant chat after a nice dinner by the fireside, with a glass of sherry in hand.

His topics are important and may at first seem forbidding, but the good professor finds a way to talk about them in an unassuming way without dumbing them down in the process.

My personal favorite of all of Krawczuk's books. A feast.

Give yourself a blast. Pick up your copy today.

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