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A labor of love. If you are following the series, tell me what you think.

A warm wave of feeling overcame my heart, and I picked up the child and raised it high over my head. And then, speaking in Arawak so that all my friends could understand me, I delivered the best speech of my life:

“My beloved son Meru,” I said. “I’m filled with so much emotion that I must speak to you now, for I cannot wait, or my heart will burst. I speak to you now even though you cannot understand me, and it will be years before others repeat these words to you.

“You have a half-brother, a little older than you, a son of your mother and of a great brave warrior who died in battle on Robinson’s Island, and this brother you will always love dearly and honor and respect. And when you grow up, my son, my Hummingbird, you too will have a son, and that son will have a son, and his son will have a son, and a grandson, and a great-grandson. And they will all know that they are the descendants of a man called White Jaguar. And one day, one of these descendants will visit the place your father has come from, Virginia; or maybe even the country of his mother—Poland. And when he does, he will tell the people there about his ancestor, the White Jaguar. And he will tell them that White Jaguar was a great warrior, but more importantly, that he was a great friend of the Arawak nation. For more than war, he loved peace and friendship and this land of the Orinoco and all its birds, and fish, and animals, and all the people who live in it.”

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