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"The best epic saga of the prewar period"
Czesław Miłosz: History of Polish Literature

Nights And Days

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Divine Julius
by Jacek Bocheński


"Would you like to become a god? This is perfectly doable." 
So starts this fascinating glimpse into the minds of Julius Caesar and his opponents, written in the award-winning brisk style imitating Caesar's own. 
The book takes the format of a modern reader commenting on historical documents. Rather than follow the chronological order of events, the book is divided into four parts, each dedicated to a different aspect of Caesar's political strategy: Cruelty, Benevolence, Love, and Hate. 
A great critical success when it first appeared in 1961, the book was soon banned by the communist regime because it portrayed too accurately the techniques by which a dictatorship manufactures consent. 
Eventually published in several European languages, and considered by many a modern classic, it has been the subject to many academic articles (which will appear as part of a companion volume). Yet, due to the lingering effects of Cold War Era cultural policies, an English translation appears only now.
"This should not be read; it should be savored. It is filet mignon. Let the juice drip down your chin as you mull over every word. What a gift to have this in English!"

Pick up your copy today and find out why a tyrant might now want you to read it.

The Author

Jacek Bocheński (b. 1926) is a polish novelist and essayist and former president of the Polish section of the PEN club. A noted dissident figure during the communist rule in Poland, he was barred from publishing and interned during the Martial Law (1981-1983). 

ISBN: 978-99987-937-7-4

AVAILABLE 9/30/2022
210 pages



ISBN: 978-99987-937-8-1

AVAILABLE 9/30/2022
210 pages

EBOOK:  $9.99


978-99987-937-4-3 (EPUB)

978-99987-937-5-0 (MOBI)
978-99987-937-6-7 (PDF)

AVAILABLE 9/10/2022

210 pages

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Tom Pinch

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