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Divine Julius (EPUB)

Divine Julius (EPUB)

Would you like to become a god? This is perfectly doable."

So starts this fascinating glimpse into the minds of Julius Caesar and his two great opponents, Cicero and Cato the Younger, written in the award winning brisk style imitating Caesar's own. A portrait of the overwhelming drive to power on the one hand and the heart-wrenching moral compromise on the other.

When it first appeared behind the Iron Curtain in 1962, the book caused a furor and was immediately suppressed by the communist regime because it showed how a dictator overturns a republic while maintaining its hollow appearances and corrupts the elites to go along with his power grab. The subject of the overthrow of the republic was as relevant in 1962... as it is today.

Eventually published in a dozen languages, and on account of its style considered by many a modern classic, for political reasons the book appears in English only now.

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