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Mondrala Press publishes English translations of great Polish books—books with the track record of international

critical and commercial success but which, for political reasons, have never been published in English. Books which we wanted to share with our English-speaking friends.

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AD 1726. The Caribbean. An uninhabited island. A Virginian renegade. Pirates. Castaways. Runaway slaves. Cannibals.

And they reach the end of the world: days without nights, 18-foot tides, monsters of the deep and the face of god upon the waters.

The quirkiest, zaniest book about Plato ever written.

AD 391. Serapeum destroyed, emperor murdered, pagans stage a massive revolt.

Before the Trojan War there was the Theban War.

A bronze age journey to the ends of the world.

Ye shall go unto the Sea of Gloom.

It saddens me, prince, but you must die.

What happened in West Berlin in 1986?

The most beautiful book you will read this year.

Beyond the limits of the known world, a welcoming committee awaits.

In the land of frozen death--a message of hope.

Facebook says this once banned biography of Julius Caesar might affect the way you vote.

The mystery of Ovid's banishment.

A sadistic pervert or a cultured recluse?

Four essays about a modern classic.

570 BC. An elderly priest and his teenage apprentice against the greatest empires of the world.

A love story, Herr Professor, if you only knew how to read it.

Corinth, 562 BC. The price of bankruptcy is slavery.

1946. Japan has fallen. Men and women still fall in love.

London 1900. How to ride a bicycle.

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