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Let's work together

Do you have a book to publish? Or a book to recommend?

We are always looking for worthy books to publish. We want Polish-language books which have withstood the test of time. Write us if you have a book to recommend.

Are you a translator?

Your work needn't be perfect. We pay. Our editors will take it from there. Write us.

Are you a graphic designer?

Can you design an attention grabbing book cover? Write us.

Are you an editor?

Are you a native English speaker? Have you edited texts before? We pay. Write us.

Are you a beta-reader?

Are you a compulsive reader? We have fantastic books for you to enjoy: they have been successful in a number of languages and have never been seen in English: they are seriously great  books. Want to read them before anyone else does? Write us if you'd like an early look.

Would you like to sponsor a book?

Your chance to be seen by millions in association with a great book. Write us.

Do you have a suggestion how to improve?

We make mistakes. Help us fix them. Write us.

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